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Kingdom Maintenance website design

Kingdom Maintenance Website Design – Launched!

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We are delighted to bring you our latest website design launched only a few days ago.

The brief: To change the dated public face of a forward thinking company; to create an authoritative identity with a fresh new look and a website focused on creating straightforward navigation and uncomplicated copy. Emphasis was placed on the various skills and experience of its specialist teams from painting and decorating to building maintenance.

Kingdom Maintenance LogoThis Fife based company provide services to both the public and private sectors throughout Scotland. They have a fantastic reputation and we couldn’t wait to get started on their brand and website, helping them achieve their goals!

We just love sharing our new websites with you and look forward to sharing many more in the future. You can view the website here;

Budi was rescued from a life in a cage . . .

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A baby orangutan rescued. Budi’s story certainly pulled at our heart strings . . .

Poor little Budi, the baby orangutan was seriously ill after suffering months of neglect. For the first year of his little life Budi was kept as a pet in a chicken cage and fed entirely on condensed milk. Budi was rescued by IAR’s Orangutan Rescue Centre in Ketapang.

We will certainly be keeping up to date with Budi’s recovery. You can view the full story here . . .

Rescued Budi restingRescued Budi sleeping

Budi being hand fed after being rescued

For more information on how to adopt Budi click here.


mediachimps Christmas Party Night!

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Christmas Celebrations!

Last Friday, the chimps got together with Page North and itek for Christmas celebrations at the Kingdom FM Party Night at the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes. The night kicked off with a drinks reception, delicious three course Christmas meal and live music. Dave Connor and Vanessa Motion done a great job entertaining such a large crowd.  A great night had by all with plenty of dancing and shenanigans in the photo booth! Have a browse of the pics below….. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas Bash as much as we did!

We would like to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas. We look forward to continue serving you in the New Year.

Time lifestyle boutique

Looking to launch an e-commerce website?

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After only 6 weeks of design & development we are delighted to launch the new Time Lifestyle Boutique e-commerce website. Nicola Donnelly has been a dream client from beginning to end and we are privileged to have had the opportunity to impress her with our skills. The site is light and airy which reflects Nicola’s vision. 

A lifestyle boutique in the heart of Dundee offering the local vibrant community great designs, luxury products and fabulous quality gifts. With Christmas around the corner, what better excuse do you have to check out her online shop at

Who are the best alternative web development companies in Fife? (Reviews/Ratings)

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Choosing a website development company is tough. I know that because people tell me. They find it hard to know what to look for and they are scared that they might get ripped off. In general there’s a lot of monkeying around, and business people find website stuff mind boggling and a difficult topic to get their head around. Trust is paramount, and you want honest answers before signing up to any agreements.

Codey to the rescue!

Codey to the rescue!

Don’t worry if you feel like anxious, worried or frustrated. I’m a master of websites and I hope that through my blogs I can help you to understand website development and make a great decision for you and your business.

The team here at mediachimps spend their days designing, developing and managing websites and are completely focused building trusted and long term relationships with our clients.

That being said, I know that if you are thinking about hiring a web development company to build your new website that you will probably do some shopping around and consider a few options available to you in the local area.

There are a number of different web development companies in Fife, and because I’m cheeky chimp I don’t see the need to shy away from the competition.

To help you out with your selection process I have complied a handy list of the best alternative web development companies based in Fife.

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Traditional website development companies vs managed website development services: which is better?

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So you are thinking about a new website for your business.

Best webdesign company

Hey, I’m Codey!

There’s no doubt that it can be tough to choose the right company to work with to develop and design your website for you, and that’s why I’m here. It’s my job here at mediachimps to help you understand more about website development.

Only a few years ago it used to be that you had one main option and that was to hire a website company, pay a one off fee and be on your way. Sometimes having to hire a graphic design then a developer too. But now there are literally hundreds of options available to you.

The difference between traditional website development companies and managed website development service companies is an important question and one that keeps cropping up. And quite rightly so, if you don’t know anything about website companies, then you’ll want to know a bit about each of these services before you make any decisions.

Here’s the short version

  • A traditional website development company will perform a one off job or project and design, develop and launch a website for you.
  • A managed website development company will do exactly the same, but also look after your website for you on an on-going basis, so you don’t ever have to worry about it.

One is like buying a website without any insurance or aftercare. The other includes aftercare, so if anything does go wrong with your website or anything needs to be changed/added/altered, you are covered! Phew, at least we have got the major difference out the way, but there’s more….

Before you make any big decisions, let’s dig a bit deeper and look at how websites have changed and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of service. Sounds like a win win for everyone – go Codey!
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How to choose a website development company: Top 10 questions to ask a website development company

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Codey's first dayMy name is Codey and I’m the super talented chimp here at mediachimps.

I consider myself the best of the bunch when it comes to advising business owners about websites, and no, I don’t just hang around and eat bananas!

You probably don’t know a lot about websites and it can be a difficult subject to get your head around. You know all that techy speak and coding that you have been subjected to in the past? You can leave all of that to me. When it comes to websites, I like to talk in a language that you can understand.

Many business owners have had bad experiences with web designers and website development companies and we literally go bananas over this! Whether we design and develop your website or not, I’ve made it my responsibility to make sure that you never have a bad experience ever again.

If this is your first time engaging with a web development company, or if you have been there before, we hope that this resource will help you to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Feel confident engaging with web development companies
  • Feel empowered to make your own decision about what’s best for your business

In general, I want to help you make the best decision possible for your business website, and this usually comes down to asking your proposed website development company the right questions.
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Meet Codey – our very own little Chimp

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Hey! We would like you all to say Hi to our latest addition. Please meet Codey, he’s had an AWESOME first day! Apart from feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the excitement for the website launch he’s enjoyed his day.

He met with lots of other chimps, attended a few meetings and even popped in to say Hi to our MD and the team in Itek!

Codey hopes to give frequent updates on our blog and will keep you all up to date on any chimpy news. As you can see he’s checking his new business cards out and now relaxing. Have an AWESOME weekend people!

We’ve secured a brand new Chimp!

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Billy KerrMediachimps have secured a brand new chimp! Meet Billy everyone. Billy joined the troop on Wednesday last week where he’s hit the ground running (or swinging you may say!)

Billy recently graduated from Abertay University after studying for a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications & Digital Publishing.

With a whole lot of talent to bring to the table, and a designer at heart, Billy has a keen interest in customer services too and has already proved to be a hit with our clients that he’s met so far. Billy was pulled along to a meeting within an hour of his very first day (sorry Billy) However, he pulled out all the stops and showed nothing but enthusiasm whilst chatting freely to our new client. It already feels like Billy has been with us for a some . He is just as excited as the rest of us chimps to get going with mediachimps and can’t wait to get his creative juices flowing. With the website launch approaching rapidly he’s had no other option but to ‘find his feet’ rather quickly.

Mediachimps launch their brand new website on 1st October 2015. We’ll be offering fully functional, top notch, affordable managed websites with access to funky features, lush design and AWESOME add-ons – all for a fixed low monthly fee starting from £250.

Thumbs up Billy, you’re doing a great job. Let’s get this show on the road!


Chimps chew some fruits to form little fruit-balls, called ‘wadges’, and then dip them in water before sucking out the juice.

How much will my new website cost?

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We’re nuts about websites, here’s why . . .

With a raft of skills our chimps got together to take their, already fabulous portfolio to a whole new level! We’ll be offering fully functional, top notch, affordable managed websites with access to funky features, lush design and AWESOME add-ons – all for a fixed low monthly fee starting from £250!

So what’s new?

We decided to take a radical new approach to our work, extra packages can be added and taken away as required such as advanced SEO or digital email campaigns. We have decided our customers should be able to choose exactly how much or how little support they need whilst keeping their website in pole position within their own budget.

We believe a website should never be finished.  Our Awesome troops will assist with changes to content, blog posts and website images. Why? We want our clients website to contain fresh content and looking slick at all times.

managed websites

How will it work?

There will be an easy subscription platform to give the opportunity to choose the areas required to impact your business. You will have complete support behind the scenes ensuring your site looks unique and relevant to your business goals and brand.  Any time you want to give your site an extra SEO boost or develop an extra function, just let us know, we’ll take care of the rest.

What are these cheeky chimps all about?

Daniel and Chris, two of our very own cheeky chimps (albeit, very talented!) are busy in the back end, ensuring all areas are functional prior to the launch. From raising a support ticket to purchasing add-ons, these two have it covered! Our aim is to ensure the ‘sign-up’ process is as simple as possible for the user.

YOU decide what you need, we deliver AWESOMENESS.


Launch date 1 October 2015

If you would like to find out more, ask us about it, or tell us what you would like to know.… just give us a nudge via social media or

*Chimps chew some fruits to form little fruit-balls, called ‘wadges’, and then dip them in water before sucking out the juice.

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