Wow, just wow! The Content Marketing Academy Conference 2015

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Mediachimps had our brand prelaunch at the CMA in Edinburgh.  It was organised by Scotland’s very current and funky content marketing guru Chris Marr who has been partnering Mediachimps for some time.  We were the main sponsors of the event and it meant we were able to learn and promote, all at the same time.  The event was attended by over 100 marketing professionals and we received a huge amount of interest and delight with our bananas and wristbands.

Here’s what took place

Ok, so since Friday at 5.30pm last week (following the most amazing 2 days at the Content Marketing Academy Conference) I have done nothing but think of the event. It felt similar to going to the cinema to see an amazing film, going to the theatre to see an amazing show, going to see a live gig of an amazing artist…… ONLY BETTER. You know when something has hit home when it consumes your brain for the following days?

On Thursday afternoon, Euan, Sam and myself arrived at the CMA, grabbed a coffee and entered the room to find a seat. As I was muscling in on a half filled table I was suddenly aware of someone approaching me in my peripheral vision. As I turned, I was met with a hand out and a booming American accent ‘’Hey Debbie, great to meet you, Ah, you’re one of the chimps?’’ Oh my, THIS is Marcus Sheridan! My initial thoughts were, ‘OH MY GOODNESS, how does he know my name?’ I quickly remembered the MASSIVE name tag hanging from my neck. I may have been wearing my name tag but he instantly made the connection with my name and mediachimps. ‘This guy is going to be good’ I thought to myself.

From there on in, I was caught up in the ‘Marcus Sheridan’ whirlwind trance. (I’m sure I may have even dribbled at one point as my mouth hung open.) I have truly never experienced a workshop like it. For those of you who are not familiar with him, Marcus is a world class speaker and known throughout the Sales and Marketing world as ‘the Pool Guy’ and for his intensive workshops and training. If your seeking guidance in this area, then you must check him out;

Thursday afternoon kicked off with Marcus sharing his own personal journey with an insight to his own business River Pools which took a dramatic downturn after the economic crash in 2008. He implemented his own beliefs, took steps to measure the results and watched his company increase sales to $2.5million! He achieved this by Content Marketing, being honest and upfront with his clients, answering their questions and more importantly facing the elephant in the room. Marcus went on to explain that customers always consider 5 areas when they make a buying decision;







These are 5 areas we ourselves think about prior to making a buying decision. I was getting it, I was following, I was loving what I was hearing. We were then asked if we answer these questions on our website…… Ok, so most of us agreed WE DO NOT. I’m sure I was not the only one who was thinking, ‘why oh why don’t we share this information with our customers?’ Duh, someone switched the lights on in my head right at that point, yip he broke through, he got his message over and now we are all left thinking, ‘I want to do that, I want to be transparent, I want my customers to trust me, I am going to do this, it’s a really is a No Brainer!’

So I guess it’s our jobs to go do just that. The response from the attendees, the absolute spark we all shared, the vibe around the venue, it proved we all wanted to do the right thing, to ensure our customers trust us. We ALL want to get it right. Marcus has a style like I’ve never seen before, he was so engaging and interacted with his audience getting us ALL on board to share his vision and adding value to our own businesses. You can read more about Marcus here.

The Friday followed with some fantastic speakers who also deserve a huge shout out too!

Gavin Oattes

(funny, funny guy)

Tree of Knowledge

Gavin started his career as a teacher, along the way he changed direction and became a motivational coach. Gavin’s mantra is “if you don’t like your job, leave it!” he spoke in depth about his passions and why he does what he does encouraging us to be open and honest about how we feel in our own paths of life. His humour kept the audience engaged and I loved some of his personal stories, especially the ones around his own little boy, too cute! Top guy with a wicked sense of humour.

For more information about the Gavin visit here

Mike McGrail


Velocity Digital

Mike (also a funny guy) spoke confidently and openly about Social Media – Pay to play or fade away. He encouraged the audience to really think about what we do on social media, why we do it and what value it brings. He explained his thoughts on why free social media just isn’t enough anymore and why we should consider paid advertising. I liked the fact that Mike didn’t ‘fluff’ anything up. He knew his stuff and got the message across. His Kilt was a wee bonus 🙂

For more information about velocity digital visit here

Karen Strunks

(the honest, open speaker)

Personal Branding and Business Coach

Karen spoke about her own personal journey which I’m sure many of us related too. Stuck in a 9-5 job which she hated, she decided to make the break, took a deep breath and did exactly what she wanted to do. Karen became a dominatrix then a photographer, then a social media and marketing teacher. Karen explained her pains, her highs and lows in getting to that stage. She wanted the world to accept her for being her, and although she was extremely nervous about broadcasting her previous life, she took the plunge and done it. She didn’t die, she didn’t lose friends, none that she was aware of anyway, she didn’t lose business but what she did do was be honest. Honest with herself and everyone around her. She encouraged us to do what feels right for you, if you don’t want to conform to society, then don’t. Make your own personal brand by being honest and transparent. I like that mantra!

For more information about Karen visit here

Stefan Thomas

(the shouting networker who gave us confidence in networking)

Author of Business Networking for Dummies

Stefan gave us some worthwhile tips around Networking. He shared his fears and memories from his very first networking meet. I’m sure its not the case but if anyone was flagging at that time I’m sure he gained the attention he required after shouting out his impersonation of Wee Kev!  I couldn’t believe that this guy (willing to stand in front of over 100 people to talk) used to have so much nerves! I completely related with his first networking story (especially the bit about pretending to be entrapped in your phone!) Stefan suggested it’s all about finding common ground with fellow networkers, we have to listen to learn and ESPECIALLY follow up with connections made on the day. Network is not about selling it’s about giving a little insight into what you do and so people want to find out more.

For more information about Stefan visit here

Richard Tubb

(the Chewing Gum guy who says we can all be remarkable)

IT Consultant and Blogger

Richard shared a ‘remarkable’ story on one network event he attended. He got chatting to a guy who specialised in removing chewing gum from pavements. Richard listened intently to this guy and it was fair to say there was not much of a common ground there. However, weeks down the line, Richard bizarrely enough was able to offer the Chewing Gum Guy’s services to one of his very own clients. Isn’t it strange how things work out? Richard never sold anything to the guy but he was able to solve a problem for one of his clients. It pays to listen and as Richard says, ‘it’s remarkable easy to be remarkable’ Richard finished off by discussing LinkedIn giving some sound tips and advice.

For more information about Richard visit here

The finally from…

Marcus Sheridan

(The Legend)

The Sales Lion and Content Marketing Guru

He’s back! The room erupts once again as we were whisked along in his high tail, top speed recap of the previous day. It was a chance for Marcus to really drive his message home regarding the importance of Content Marketing. Content Marketing isn’t about following a schedule of what and how to do’s, it’s about changing your thinking, your mind set, putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. My take on this is that it’s similar to fad diets, none of them work, adopt a healthy lifestyle and you’re there!

For more information about Marcus visit here

Wow, what an incredibly awesome 2 days!

Well there we have it, my very first ‘personal’ blog.

To find out more about next years CMA Conference check it out here…. I know I’ll be there!

If you would like to know more about Mediachimps please take a peek here at

Chimps chew some fruits to form little fruit-balls, called ‘wadges’, and then dip them in water before sucking out the juice.